How to cook Isomalt (dry cook)

How to cook Isomalt (dry cook)

 Is easy and quick to cook Isomalt if you have an induction plate.You just need to place the Isomalt( uncooked Isomalt looks like a detergent) into a stainless steel pot and turn on the heating at the maximum setting.If you cook on a usual plate keep on eye it's very easy to burn the Isomalt.

 The high temperature will melt the Isomalt granules quick.When you are planning to cook a large quantity I’ll recommend starting by melting 100-200 grams of Isomalt, then when becomes liquid you can gradually add small quantities of dry Isomalt, to speed up the cooking process.

 You can also cook the Isomalt with water ( just add water to get the consistency of a wet sand).I’m not a huge fan of this method as water having impurities will turn the colour of Isomalt in yellow. Still, it may be the best way to cook if you are using a heating source other than an induction plate.

Cooking the Isomalt with no water, using clean, stainless steel tools and high temperature 150-160 degrees Celsius(quick process) will help you to get a clean, clear finishing.

 Air bubbles will disappear if you keep the cooked Isomalt at about 100 degrees Celsius for 5 min( on a hot plate or oven) or if you heat the top of the Isomalt with a blow torch.


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