How to cook sugar for pouring  and pulling

How to cook sugar for pouring and pulling

Sugar for pulling

Water 500 g

Cream of tartar 2.5 g

Granulated sugar 1 kg

Liquid glucose 50g

Colour (liquid/ dust/ gel)

Put water and cream tartar in a stainless-steel pot, stir to dissolve, add sugar and continue to stir. Place the pot on the stove and start cooking low to medium heat till sugar gets fully dissolved. Remove impurities with a sieve and brush constantly the sides of the pan with a wet brush to maintain it clean.

When sugar solution starts boiling add the glucose. Continue to clean the solution and sides of the pot till sugar reaches 120 degrees Celsius. Increase the temperature of the cooking plate too high and cook sugar till reaches 150 degrees Celsius. Add the color then continue to boil till 160-165 degrees Celsius.

Pour the sugar into a pyrex jug or over a heatproof mat and cool even.

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