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This course is designed to cover all the essentials of traditional & modern baking.


This course is designed to cover all the essentials of traditional & modern baking.

20 weeks of online tuition, 3 hours per week every Wednesday evening from 7-10 pm ( UK time) 

The most comprehensive course which will help you to build a strong base knowledge when it comes to baking. 

Ribana will help you along the way to gain knowledge and confidence and be able at the end of the course to consider baking as easy as a piece of cake. 

A list of the equipment, tools, ingredients & consumables, needed throughout the course will be sent to you within 24 hours after you booked your place.

Traditional and modern recipes suitable for all categories of baking will be covered :



Diary free





This will be the perfect course for those looking to start a cake business from home or those planning to successfully bake for family and friends.

The first week will cover the theory aspects explaining all you need to know about the ingredients, consumables, baking equipment & tools needed.

Also, Ribana will explain how the course will run on a weekly basis and what requirements needed to be fulfilled in order to achieve a certificate of completion.

Every week for 14 weeks students will learn how to make different types of baked goods essentials for creating a variety of popular desserts. Ribana will give detailed video, audio and written explanations about what to look for in order to obtain the perfect result every time, highlighting the most common problems and what to do to avoid failure.

Students will be able to ask questions during the live sessions. Also, continuous support will be offered within the private Facebook group dedicated to those enrolled in this course. 

Have a look at what is covered during this course.

Introductory lesson( theory)

  the secrets behind successful baking( covering important aspects about flours, sugars, yeasts, raisin agents, eggs, egg replacements, nuts, food colouring, keto& vegan ingredients)


Week 2: vanilla sponge( including rainbow cake), chocolate devil, red velvet

Week 3: carrot cake, chiffon, chocolate pound

Week 4: brownie, banana cake, poppy seeds, coconut & lemon, angel cake

Week 5: short paste( pate a foncer), sweet paste ( pate a sucre), lining paste

Week 6: choux pastry( eclairs), puff pastry, sable paste

Week 7: fermented goods: basic bun dough, savarin, brioche, croissants

Week 8: roulade( genoise) sponge, swiss roll, flourless sponge

Week 9: joconde, sponge fingers, cupcakes

Week 10: rich fruit cake, cookies, and macarons

Week 10: eggless  baking

Week 12: dairy-free baking

Week 13: gluten-free baking

Week 14:  vegan baking

Week 15: keto baking


Week 16, 17, 18 & 19  applications of the recipes taught during the course

Week 20: desserts from around the world  

 For 5 weeks after finishing the course Ribana will help you to put in practice all she taught through the course giving examples of how to use those baked products along with a variety of fillings to create some of the most popular desserts, last week being dedicated to some traditional desserts from around the world.


1. What exactly is the course going to cover?

Chef Ribana will share her knowledge in the field starting with the theory part which will help you understand why, when, and how to use certain ingredients to get the best results. Every week during the online live tuition, she will explain step by step, in real-time how to create a variety of baked goods ( see description above.)

All recipes used during the course will be available for you to download week by week but also as an E-book at the end of the course.

Students will have access to unlimited support & interaction through a private Facebook group.

2. Is this class suitable for beginners?

 Of course! No knowledge about baking is necessary. Chef Ribana's promise is that at the end of this course, you will be confident in baking any of the recipes taught as long as you dedicate time to learning and practising.

 3.How often and for how long I will be able to access the course?

You will have unlimited access to the content of the course 24 months from the date the course will be live-streamed.

The course will only be available to watch from the starting date mentioned on the website.

3. What should I expect from this course?

 This course will teach you how to bake the elements of the most popular desserts in the world. You will also learn important facts about the ingredients which will help you achieve a great result every time. Some recipes are amazingly easy and straight forward some others require practice and you need to commit yourself and spend time in not just watching the course but also trying to reproduce all the recipes in your own kitchen.

Ribana’s promise is that you will receive all the information needed to succeed.

4. I am going to receive a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate for completing the course once you have sent us photos of each product created during the course. Requirements of the photos will be explained by chef Ribana on the first session of the course.

 5. Can I get my money back if I'm not happy with the purchase?

Yes, we are happy to offer you a full refund after the first week( theory week) of the course if you feel that this is not the right course for you. We know exactly how valuable the knowledge & expertise shared throughout this course is and no refund will be given to those who commit to carrying on attending after week 1.






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