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PME professional diploma classes are recognized worldwide due to the good quality of the topic covered during classes.

Students can learn techniques, from basic to advanced, everything they need to know before starting their adventure into the wonderful world of SugarArt or simply further their knowledge. On successful completion of each module, students will get a PME diploma certificate. At the end of all 3 modules students who meet the criteria will receive a PME Master Decorator Certificate.

Price includes tuition fee for all 3 modules (intensive), a student kit for each module( the newest kits) one book per module( most recent issue), plus all the consumables 

This is a 9 days course which starts daily at  9 am and finishes at 6.30 pm.

We will cover 3 major topics

Fondant( sugar paste/ gum paste)

Piping ( royal icing, ganache, buttercream)

Sugar flowers ( gum paste/ chocolate paste)

Each topic will be completed over 3 days of tuition making a total of 9 days.

Important business aspects will also be covered during the course starting with advice on how to register and successfully run your business, have your kitchen authorised for running a food business, the easiest way of calculating the cost of the cakes & decorations, the cheapest and more effective way of advertising your business, how to build a portfolio/ photo album and many relevant aspects. 

The 40 min lunch break starts daily at 12.50 pm You can pop out to eat a sandwich ( plenty of shops walking distance from school) or you can stay in the class and chill out. Free wifi is available in all our classrooms. 

Light refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits, fruits, crisps, water) will be available for free throughout the course but lunch is not provided.

  The student kits ( one for each of the 3 modules: sugar paste, sugar flowers and piping) contain the basic equipment needed for starting your business.

The course is based on DUMMY cakes ( 2 three-tiered cakes( 4", 6", 8"), a 6" square. Includes real cakes used during the basic carving class and the ganache-ing class also includes real cookies, cupcakes and cake pops which will be decorated throughout the course. 

Students don't need to supply anything for the course all is included in the price( consumables & equipment as masks, gloves, aprons)

At the end of the course you'll take home your student kits and books, all cakes/ decorations you will make during the course and most importantly the KNOWLEDGE & CONFIDENCE, lots of tips and tricks for you to use in further successful projects.

On the successful completion of the course, you'll be given one diploma for each module and a final Master Cake Decorator Certificate plus a sugarcraft book as a gift for all your hard work.

You can book your place online then pay by a card or pay pal. Payment can be also made by online bank transfer or over the counter at any Barclays branch  ( please use your name as a reference for the payment) using the following details:

Academy of cake decorating Ltd, sort code 20 92 54, account  no 43429687, Barclays PLC

 Bank details for international payments 

Academy of cake decorating Ltd 


IBAN GB51 BARC 2092 5443 4296 87

Students who will choose to pay for this course straight into our bank account will receive a £ 30 voucher to spend in our shop.

 For more details about the booking system please read our terms and conditions.


  • BEGINNERS, who want to learn cake decorating from scratch and they are confident that they can cope with the intensive rhythm

  •  INTERMEDIATE, who want to brush up their skills