Academy of Baking and Cake Decorating

Master Programme

This course's content is unique and has high level of complexity. It guarantees your performance in no time if you are 100% dedicated.
The training course will teach everything from A to Z.

At the end, you will get a diploma certificate. More importantly, you will have the understanding, knowledge and practice needed to open your dream cake shop successfully and start making a profit from day one.

You will learn various techniques for preparation and deserts decoration up to a professional level in no time.

Your experience level does not matter if you have a passion for learning. And you are ready to get involved and sacrifice your time to develop yourself. And you already know that you need to act and be disciplined to make a difference. Becoming a chef is a challenging job. It involves long hours of intense work and requires coping with deadlines.Asks for dedication, as you will often spend your weekends and holidays serving others. You must be healthy and fit to stay on your feet for days.All the hard work is paid off when the ones you serve are paying you not just money but huge appreciation for the service you provide.
This course will give you the knowledge and complete understanding of what it means to start and run a successful business of this type.
The course has seven modules.
After completing the first six hands-on modules, you will obtain a Certificate of Master Decorator from the Academy of Cake Decoration.
When you finish the seventh module, you will also receive a Diploma of Training in Business.
The course covers six essential topics, and each topic will be taught over 5 days. Students will have to attend daily for the whole nine hours ( one hour will be used for coffee and lunch breaks which will be provided)

Taking separate training for all the topics we cover in one programme could be a long-term project that can last years. It will involve attending courses in different schools at higher costs, with no guarantee. We promise to deliver on all our promises or get your money back. We take away the frustration of having to waste time and resources and guess what will work and what will not be good for your start up.
With our program, you will learn how to prepare, decorate and calculate the actual value of each product. We will offer you the templates, recipes, and designs needed to become confident in recreating the projects/products made throughout the course. We will work on a menu to ensure the profit you will make will give you a return on your investment in the shortest possible time.
All demonstrations will be recorded in video and audio and put at your disposal. Wording( recipes, cost-related forms, menus, templates. etc.) will be made available as an e-book that you can access without a time limit.
You will have access to a private group (free for the first year)where you will find support and can discuss with your instructor and colleagues.

The structure of the course::
-Day 1

Business training day one dedicated to validation and planning. Each project will be analysed/discussed for us to understand the students' levels. Will learn how the profit works so that students can practice the method throughout the course and master the price calculation by the end of it.
-Day 2-6

Edible flowers and floral cake designs for events(5 days)

-Day 7-11

Artisan baking cakes, desserts and creams, free-form products, glazed cakes, mono portions, cupcakes, cake pops (5 days)
-Day 12-16

Decorations made with piping on round and square cakes, made with buttercream, whipped cream, ganache and royal icing(including biscuit decoration) (5 days)
-Day 17-21

Decorating with fondant covering round and square cakes, getting straight edges, making novelty cakes, carved cakes, and gravity-defying cakes, candy bars (5 days)
-Day 22 to 26 

Speciality decorating figurine modelling, isomalt, gelatine, rice paper and waffle, sugar and cream painting using palette technique, life-size human head modelling
-Day 27-31

Chocolate work including tablets, candies, pralines, truffles, molded chocolates( shoes, handbags, etc.) and modern decoration (5 days)

-Day 32-35

Business training covers 5 days: the 1st day of the programme plus 4 more. Students will benefit from undergoing business support within a private online group, to which they will have free access for one year.

-Day 36
Each victory needs to be celebrated.
Drinks and nibbles are on the house.
This course aims to be more than training on how to bake and decorate; this is something anyone can learn by watching free tutorials on Youtube.
We want to offer our students a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That is the reason why our programme is only suitable for some. Those who aim for excellence and don't accept " can't do it" as an answer.
Those who will happily dedicate a month to intense professional and personal development.
The number of students will be limited to 3. The course will be hands-on, and we want to ensure each student completes the subjects and the projects included in the curriculum.

The course will be led by Chef Ribana Cristescu and one assistant.
The students can take home the completed projects, donate them if they decide to, or sell them through our bakery shop.
During the training, students will have lunch plus water, coffee, tea, fruits and free snacks provided for free.All consumables, packaging, equipment required will be provided for free.
The course will take place daily( no weekend breaks) from 7 am to 4 pm at the school, with 1 hour dedicated to lunch and coffee/tea breaks. Students will be allowed to stay longer hours( up to 6 pm) if they have to complete their projects.
Due to the course's intensity, you will have to organise yourself so you can physically resist the effort involved each day. Accommodation near the school will be essential.That will give you time to rest properly.
The course is now open for registration.
To show your interest and see if you qualify, you only need to pay a £ 200 deposit.

Once the deposit is paid, we will send you a link to book your pre-assessment. You will be offered a few time slots, and you can select the one conveniently and meet with Chef Ribana for 30 minutes session on Zoom.
We reserve the right to cancel the booking and refund your deposit if, after the pre-assessment, we consider our programme will not be helpful to you, and we will suggest a better route.
If the assessment reflects that the intensive programme will be the one to go for, you will receive a link for the final payment(the price of the course less the £ 200 paid as a deposit)
From that point, payment will not be refundable, but the booking can be rescheduled and training postponed for the following session ( note that will only be 2 sessions per year, in January 2024 and September 2024.
If you have anything to ask regarding this programme, please email us at, and we will forward your questions to Chef Ribana. She will be happy to answer your questions.

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