This course is designed for those students that have already completed their PME Master’s certificate training and is taught only at PME Approved Locations by approved PME teachers or high profile sugar artists under the supervision of the PME approved teachers.

To check the entitlement and proceed with the enrolment students will need to initially submit by email a copy of their PME Master certificate ( no other master certificates can be used as a substitute) also a short profile and a photo( high resolution). Once details are verified and approved student can proceed with the enrolment and pay the £ 350 fee.

This fee will cover the cost of the initial 3 hours 1 to 1 consultation with Ribana Cristescu, approved teacher of the PME Five stars sugar artist program and course manual, also the boxed medal and ribbon and five stars shaped pins, certificate and inclusion on the PME School website at the successful completion of the program.

There are five stars to be achieved, one star for each of the following skills:

*rolled fondant

*royal icing & piping

*sugar flowers

*figurine modelling

*sculpted cakes

  When a student will achieve the first star, they will also receive a Medal that has been designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by the designers appointed by Her Majesty the Queen of England. Every time a new star is achieved will be attached to the medal.

Along with the fifth-star medal student will receive the Final Certificate "PME Five Star Sugar Artist", the most honourable award.

During the initial consultation, the teacher will guide the student to create an individually structured program that will take into consideration the strengths, weaknesses plus personal circumstances.

The student has the freedom to choose the number of projects will like to submit throughout the program. One project to cover one skill or a larger project to include all skills mentioned above.

Considering the standard of the decorating expected those projects will take time and effort to be completed.

The project for achieving the first star must be completed in class, assisted by the approved teacher who will be evaluating the quality of workmanship, attention to detail, visual appeal/wow factor, degree of difficulty/ complexity, overall design/ concept. As this type of project involves a lot of time to be executed the student can prepare some work at home (not more than 50%)

The length of time and help needed by each student to accomplish their projects will vary. Some students may not need too much help some others may need constant guidance and advice. The cost will be calculated based on individual requests. The hourly rate for private( 1 to1) tuition are:

£ 50 per hour for in-class tuition

£ 20 per 30 minutes of online tuition.

To complete their projects students will use their existing student kits from the Master Certificate Course plus other PME, Jem or other brands tools, preferred by the student or recommended by the teacher.

Photographic evidence of each final project or part project will be sent to PME, UK  to be added to the student’s profile on the PME school website to monitor the progress.

For students who are committed, and they want to speed up the whole process a fast track option is available but not for more than 3 of the topics (stars). The project presented must have been completed within the last two years and must meet the criteria.

The projects should be designed to challenge the student and each student will produce their own original work. There is no set time frame for each star, this can vary depending upon the student and challenges undertaken.


The journey of a true CAKE ARTIST is never easy but the rewards can be truly amazing especially when you have made everything yourself from start to finish and you can stand back and say “I made that”


 Guidelines for the criteria needed to be met by the finished projects in order to achieve the stars

 *Rolled fondant dessert table 

A dessert table requires careful planning so take time to think your theme throughout. Presentation is the key and you need to make sure that each dessert is displayed to its best advantage.

The table can be themed in any way, Occasion, Colour, Event, Trend, Collaboration. The choice belongs to the student but must include a multi-tiered cake of a minimum 3 tiers along with at least 3 other types of decorated desserts cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, mini cakes, macarons, chocolates, etc.

The cakes can be any shape. Cake dummies can be used although it must be remembered that the concept should be feasible in real cake and decorations must be predominantly rolled fondant. Other decorative mediums can be used to add detail and feature decorations along with a variety of staging materials 

* Royal icing and piping

The uniformity of delicate piping, patience, and dedication to detail, plus the pressure and potential for breakages make the piping skills the biggest challenge for many cake decorators.

For this project, you can choose between either a Featured decorative piece a decorated cake with a minimum of 2 tiers

The project can be themed anyway Occasion, Event, Colour, Trend, Celebration.

Attention to detailed drawings and templates is essential and is often considered to be the secret of success so be sure to take time at the planning stages.

This is primarily a piping challenge and although other decorative mediums can be used to enhance the final piece, piping skills are the Star element.

Cake dummies can be used although it must be remembered that the concept should be feasible in real cake 


*Sugar flowers

The beauty, style, and colour that sugar flowers can bring to a special celebration can be absolutely stunning. From pale delicate arrangements to bold stylish statement pieces the opportunities for creativity should not be underestimated.

Attention to detail is a must and is not necessarily all about being Botanically correct. Remember that fantasy flowers can also open the door to a whole new world of creativity. The arrangement must be wired and can be presented in a container staged on a baseboard or on a cake.

It must include at least five different shaped leaves or flowers either botanically correct or fantasy flowers.

Attention to detail is essential. Clean edges colouring techniques and balanced design are the must-have skills for this challenge. Take care when taping elements together as this can so easily spoil the final presentation. Achieving the star comes from an eye with passion for detail.

* Figurine modelling

This is definitely where the fun begins. Who doesn’t love the opportunity to create modelled figures?

The opportunity to capture in sugar a classic pose or maybe create a fun character or mythical creature, a model that you can truly bring to life can be an amazing experience.

Think your project through. Proportions can make such a difference is it all about the complete character, facial expression and eyes additional details or the colouring.

The model must be made from an edible sugar medium minimum of 5” high and presented on a suitable base. Internal supports  are allowed but they should be kept to a minimum

 * Sculpted cakes

To begin with, this should not be confused with a standard commercial novelty cake although it could be considered to be an upgraded version.

A sculpted cake is exactly what it says a cake that is carefully carved and shaped to create an animal, character or maybe even a Lifestyle Bust or figure. This is no normally a small cake but a statement piece that cannot be ignored as it takes centre stage at an event or celebration.

 Many sculpted cakes require a structure to support and lift the carved cake especially if making something like a free-standing animal or character. Be sure to get this planned and prepared well in advance and remember that it will be in contact with food so make sure that you follow your local ‘s authority food contact regulations.

To help create the details and definition you may want to consider adding something like rice crispy or cake pop mix basically an edible material that can be moulded and shaped around the main cake.

Colouring is always important and a sculpted cake often benefits from the shading that only an airbrush can provide, so this may well be worth consideration and possibly new learning experience.

Your sculpted cake can be traditional or humorous but must be a minimum of 12” high and the main body of the cake must be carved from a real cake.