This course will help you gain or consolidate your baking abilities offering easy solutions to problems you have encountered.

During this 15 weeks course, you will learn new skills, and the knowledge applied to practice will help you produce a range of famous patisserie and confectionery products. Those specialised skills will be the base of your formation as a patisserie chef

Topics include :

- food safety and hygienic practice 

- basic equipment 

- essential ingredients and alternatives

- techniques and methods of preparation in patisserie work 

- recipes, costs and menu planning

- workflow, storage, packaging

- food allergies, labelling, free-from alternatives

The course will be taught online. You'll receive an email with the e-booklet containing the week's subjects every Sunday.

Each booklet will contain five detailed recipes you'll have to replicate during the week and send videos/ photos to complete the assignment. The brochure will also include three other recipes free-from variations of the main recipes. 

E.g. if the five recipes present sponge cakes ( vanilla, chocolate, etc.), the free-from variants will contain instructions on making similar sponges free-from: egg, dairy, gluten-free, etc. 

You'll have to get through each page and learn about the ingredients needed, mise en place, preparation methods, price calculation, storage, assembling, labelling and packaging advice, etc.

The weekly brochure will contain links for the how-to videos, all recorded offline, clear visual and audio instructions and a quiz for you to complete along with the weekly activities as part of the homework.

You can ask questions you may have

  • during the Monday evening Q&A live weekly session 
  • in writing within the dedicated group
  • by email sent to your instructor directly
  • during a one-to-one virtual session ( booking required)

The additional information:

  • list of the equipment needed 
  • ingredients
  • course schedule
  • advice on submitting assignments and completing the quizzes, join the Monday Q & A sessions

will be included in the e-manual, sent by email after completing your booking.



1. Do I have to join every Monday evening live session?

We will strongly recommend you to spare time and join in. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to interact with your peers, and the instructor will also ask questions about the subjects of the course.