Consumables for the PME intensive online course


PME fondant module

cake boards: one round 12" and 2 oblongs 9/12" 

-real cakes ( or dummies)  round : 4",6",8" one of each 4" deep and one square 6" cake 3" deep

-slab of cake 9"/12", 1 kg buttercream

-cookies, cupcake, cake pops at least 2 of each

-edible markers ( optional)

-brushes for painting 


-icing sugar for rolling sugar paste

-rolling pin

-cling film

-single-use gloves ( for colouring)


PME sugar flowers module

-edible markers ( optional)


-corn flour to dry out the rolling surface

-rolling pin

-cling film

-single-use gloves for colouring


PME piping royal icing & buttercream module


 -cake boards: round 4, 6" one of each, 8" and 12" round  two of each, square 8" two of each

-A4 laminating paper or cellophane sheets (4)

-sticky tape

-edible markers ( optional)


-painting brushes 

-oil-based essence

-2 kg of sifted icing sugar

-200 g egg whites

-creme of tartar 5 g

-100 g caster sugar

-2 large pots of double cream( 600 ml)

-cling film

-stand mixer 

-medium size storage bowls ( 2 l)

- cooking plate and cooking pot 

-heatproof silicone pallet

- 4, 6, 8 " rich fruit cakes( or dummies)

-1 kg of marzipan/fondant ( needed for covering the rich fruit cakes)

- sheet of chiffon cake 9/12" ( or a 6" square dummy)

-full hand of fresh berries 

-2 cookies

-6 cupcakes