Are you passionate about teaching and believe in your potential to help others achieve their life goals? We want to hear from you!

 If you are a freelancer ( self-employed) and own specialist skills (e.g. baking, cake decorating, non-edible arts and crafts) and looking to earn money while sharing your knowledge, get in touch now!

  We are focused on inspiring and supporting adult learners to complete their progress towards achieving higher-level skills and increasing their well-being.

 Once joining our team, you will have access to your instructor account. You can upload your course, set the price and dates available, track the interest, and see how many classes you have sold; you are always in control.

 We have opportunities for teaching in class and online.

  The online option will consist in :

-teaching remotely and sharing your expertise through live-streamed classes on our platform.

-pre-record either using our studio's facilities or from the comfort of your home and sell offline workshops on our website.

  You can select to use our fully equipped rooms to teach in person. We can help you set up the classroom and supply the consumables for your students on the due date of the class, deal with logistics, or only deal with publishing and advertising your course.

 You must travel to our Hatfield Herts-based school to teach face-to-face courses, so consider the distance when applying for this opportunity.  

  If you want us to get involved in your course's creation, delivery, customer service, management and marketing, we can do that too. 

 You will be the one deciding where and when you need help!

 Our fees will be available for you to see from the start, so you will know how much each service will cost.

You will decide what to teach, produce the educational material, and set the course price.

 We will charge a fee, which will vary depending on your selected options.

 Regardless of your teaching method and the features you want to add to your course package, you don't have to pay anything.

Here is how it works:

Students browsing our site will choose your course, make the booking, and pay for it straight to us. 

Then we will pay you, less the fees mutually agreed on in our contract. Founds will reach your bank account within three days of successfully delivering the course to your enrolled students.

 If interested email us at academyofcakedecorating@yahoo.com, and we will send you the complete opportunity description and instructions on how to apply.

If you are a complete beginner and have no idea how to build a course head to our great course who can help you master this skill "HOW TO TEACH BAKING & CAKE DECORATING"