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Academy's of Baking and Cake Decorating master programme

The most comprehensive and complete cake baking and decorating diploma course, combined with a coaching and mentoring programme which we believe will be the perfect choice for those looking to start a successful cake business from home, thinking of opening an online cake shop and starting teaching in-person and online classes.

The course will be taught by Ribana Cristescu and her assistant and will run over 32 consecutive days ( except Sundays) in-class tuition from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm daily plus 10 hours of one to one online tuition ( on the dates/ times agreed).

This course will cover all aspects which someone should know before stepping into the cake business adventure, producing physical and e-products to sell in person and/or online.

The course will include cake baking and decorating theory and practice but also includes business advice and training in how to take photos, build a portfolio, sell your products online, record your own videos & create online classes, upload them for selling or advertising on different platforms. The aim is to concentrate as much as possible on applying in practice the skills learned in theory.

That is the reason why the theory part ( manual) will be sent out to the students 2 weeks before the due starting date of the course to give them the chance of reading throughout the essential information needed in order to be able to perform in the class. 

Before considering enrolling for this course please email us at academyofcakedecorating@yahoo.com sending over your CV and photos of your 5 best cake related projects completed to date. 

The course is not suitable for beginners. It is designed for those fit and able to spend 8-10 hours daily in a busy bakery/ kitchen environment, who are extremely passionate about the subject, business-minded and committed to achieving their goals of setting a successful brick and mortar business also running an e-shop. 

Some of the topics included in the course:

-the business aspect of starting a cake business, organizing kitchen, health and safety issues, accountancy, insurance, pricing, advertising, social networking and more( a full day will be dedicated to the subject on its own also the business aspect will be touched frequently in conjunction with the daily topics covered during the course). Students will require a device ( ideally a laptop if not at least a smartphone) to log in to their social media accounts and practice the skills learned in class.

-baking essentials: patisserie products, macarons, eclairs, pretzels, cookies, cupcakes, gateaux, mono portion desserts, mini-cakes, cakes: vanilla, chocolate, carrot, red velvet, chiffon (5 days)

-fillings, frostings, chocolate essentials: tempering, moulding chocolates, making pralines and bars, various decorations, dripping & mirror glazed cakes ( 4 days)

-Piping techniques royal icing, buttercream, ganache, fresh cream (3 days)

-Sugar flowers and edible floral arrangments  ( gum paste, chocolate, edible paper) wired and unwired ( 4 days)

-Figurine modelling (2 days)

-Cake carving: basic and advanced structured cakes ( 3 days)

-Fondant covering and decorating, wedding cakes ( 3 days)

-Isomalt/ hot sugar work, sugar painting, gold/ silver leaf application, airbrushing, edible printing applications (3 days)

-How to teach cake baking and decorating courses in-class and online starting with how to create a course, run your own website, get the right equipment for recording and broadcasting, write content, video record and process the material of the course, upload and advertise to sell the courses on various platforms( 3 days).

 At the end of the course, each student will have its own finalised online tutorial/ mini-course made from scratch ready to go live.

-Final evaluation: theory and practice, photographs, certificates/ diplomas on successful completion ( 1 day)

The maximum number of students per session is 2.

Due to the intensive nature of this course, students will need to attend daily for the full amount of time specified above. Is essential for them to be active in the class in order to complete their training and get diplomas and certificates. No homework will be given so they need to finish the projects in the class during the allocated time.

All consumables, ingredients and equipment needed for the course will be provided.

A 40 min lunch break will start at 1 pm, 5-10 min coffee breaks can be taken throughout the day when necessary.

Lunch will not be provided but tea, coffee, water, fresh fruits, snacks & crips will be available for free through the course. Students who follow a special diet will need to make their own arrangements. 

During the course, students will receive evaluation marks & feedbacks to keep them updated on their progress.

On the last day of the course, on successful completion of all projects, students will receive the Academy of cake decorating certificate of competence, the PME sugar paste, sugar flowers, piping certificates, PME master cake decorating certificate, Wilton method 1,2& 3 certificates of merit.

For those who will not meet the criteria, we will agree on a future date for a re-evaluation. The first re-evaluation is not chargeable( maximum time  4 hours). If the amount of time required for reassessment goes over 4 hours then the student will need to pay  £ 30 per hour for the amount of time spent along with the instructor.

At the end of the course, students will receive a manual, containing details of all the techniques learned, photos & recipes used, templates & designs used during the course, price calculation of every product made & finished in the class, suppliers list, a complete student kit ( RPP £ 500) containing essential tools and accessories needed for producing future projects in fondant piping, sugar flowers, isomalt, chocolate, edible paper, modelling, 1 ACD apron. Demonstrations performed in the class will be video recorded and available to rewatch using a private link which will be sent by email at the end of every day 

Students will take home goods they will produce, bake and decorate during the course. 

Students will also receive online free support for 3 more months after finishing the course. The free support will be based on a total of not more than 10 hours (video or written help). The date/ time of the video consultation will have to be agreed upon at least 48 hours in advance. Written advice will be offered within 12 hours of submitting the request.

The online consultation going over the allocated free time will be charged at £ 20 per hour.

 A payment plan is available for this course. An initial 25% non-refundable deposit will be required in order for the place to be secured. Balance can be paid in instalments ( dates of payment to be agreed). The full settlement is required 30 working days before the due starting date of the course.

  You can book your place online then pay by a card or pay pal. Payment can be also made by online bank transfer or over the counter at any Barclays branch  ( please use your name as a reference for the payment) using the following details:

Academy of cake decorating Ltd, sort code 20 92 54, account  no 43429687, Barclays PLC

 Bank details for international payments 

Academy of cake decorating Ltd 


IBAN GB51 BARC 2092 5443 4296 87

Students who will choose to pay for this course straight into our bank account will receive a £ 100 voucher to spend in our shop.

 For more details about the booking system please read our terms and conditions.

If you need help in applying for this course please get in touch by phone at 07909993200 or email academyofcakedecorating@yahoo.com