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 During this in-class course, students ( a maximum number of 3) will learn how to temper chocolate ( white, milk, ruby and dark), colour cocoa butter, clean and paint the moulds and make the chocolate Christmas baubles as per the photos attached.

The course will start at 9.30 am with a HOW TO demonstration. 

Your instructor Ribana will explain all you need to know about working successfully with chocolate. She will explain how to store, manoeuvre and transport your chocolate baubles/ decorations.

 Students will have to replicate the methods demonstrated and create their own 6 Christmas baubles being guided and helped throughout the entire process by Ribana.

At the end of the class, students will take home all their creations.

Ribana's demonstrations performed during the day will be video and audio recorded and links will be sent along with the recipes used in the class.

Students will have unlimited access to re-watch them if and when necessary,

This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE class, which means all you need for the course( equipment, consumables and packaging) will be provided.

Refreshments ( coffee, water, tea, fruits, biscuits) will be available for free throughout the class.

For more details about the booking system please read our terms and conditions

 Access into the classroom will only be permitted 15 minutes prior to the starting time of the class.


BEGINNERS, who want to learn how to temper chocolate, make their own cocoa butter colours and create baubles as shown in the photos and decorations based on the same principle.

INTERMEDIATE, who want to brush up their skills and learn Ribana's way to manoeuvre the chocolate.