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During this ONLINE course, students will learn how to:

 -prepare royal icing, ganache, mousse and buttercream/ frosting for filling and piping, 
-coat cakes with marzipan, royal icing, ganache, buttercream
-pipe scroll borders, flowers, creating run out decorations, collars & extension work, string work, borders, brush embroidery, lace designs, run out motifs 
-flood and paint on cookies, dripping effect on cakes
-pipe flowers and figures on cupcakes 
-balance a cake, setting multi-tiered cakes, 
-price piped cakes  
-pack, transport & deliver the cakes, costs involved, pricing guidelines, assembly & presentation at the venue.

Easy techniques can be used to decorate cakes suitable for any occasion. From a very basically decorated cake for a family lunch to an intricate competition cake it is so much you can do once you learn how to pipe correctly!

This course is suitable for beginners and intermediate level students.

You will be able to watch and learn all the above during this comprehensive course. All steps will be demonstrated with clear printable, visual and audio instructions, close-ups/ multiple angles footages.

The price you pay covers:

- the tuition fee ( 10 hours live online tuition, over 30 hours offline tuition )

- the equipment( PME student kit & book)

- consumables needed while preparing your projects for the assessment based on techniques learned during the course (1 kg professional icing sugar, glycerine, a selection of gel and dust colours, 1 kg of chocolate callets, glucose, 1 kg of white vegetable fat)

- three months access to all printable, audio and video material ( instructions and recipes) needed to prepare the royal icing, ganache, mousse, buttercream, piping cream ( frosting), and templates.

The PME student kit, book, and consumables will be posted, and you will receive them within a week after completing your booking( paying in full).

Along with the consumables which will be sent out to you you'll also need the following:

-cake boards: round 4, 6" one of each, 8" and 12" round  two of each, square 8" two of each

-A4 laminating paper or cellophane sheets (4)

-sticky tape

-edible markers ( optional)


-painting brushes 

-oil-based essence

-2 kg of sifted icing sugar

-200 g egg whites

-creme of tartar 5 g

-100 g caster sugar

-2 large pots of double cream( 600 ml)

-cling film

-stand mixer 

-medium size storage bowls ( 2 l)

- cooking plate and cooking pot 

-heatproof silicone pallet

- 4, 6, 8 " rich fruit cakes( or dummies)

-1 kg of marzipan/fondant ( needed for covering the rich fruit cakes)

- sheet of chiffon cake 9/12" ( or a 6" square dummy)

-full hand of fresh berries 

-2 cookies

-6 cupcakes

Part of the course will consist in live sessions, 2 hours per week, so before booking, you must make sure you will be available to attend each session, using a video and audio connection to allow you to interact with your instructor.

You will be able to ask questions and communicate with your instructor Ribana who will happily answer all your questions about the subject.


Live sessions will run one day per week for five consecutive weeks, from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm ( UK time). Doors will open from 7.20 pm and close at 7.30 pm.  Ribana will cover many topics related to the skill of piping making.

She will talk about a business's profitability based on making cakes covered and decorated with royal icing, ganache, and buttercream.

During each live session, she will demonstrate, while answering your questions, every technique included in the course's topic.

All videos (offline and live recorded) will be available for you to watch at any time three months from the course's starting date.

Having all the necessary equipment and consumables ready for the class will help you to create your projects during the live sessions simultaneously with Ribana. If you need more execution time, you can complete the homework offline, submitting the photos/ videos showing the results at your convenience. Close up photos/ videos showing the final projects (tasks) will have to reach us for evaluation.

For your final assessment, you will have to send us to close up ( step by step) photos/ videos of a 3 tiered cake decorated with royal icing or buttercream( either round or square), a ganache decorated cake ( either square or round), 2 decorated cookies and 6 cupcakes.

 If the craft level meets the criteria at the end of the course, you will be receiving the PME professional diploma piping course.

In case you need more time to practice accomplishing the expected results, you can submit your homework within three months from the date the course will end. Sending the photos later than three months will incur a £10 charge.

In case the quality of the artistry does not meet the criteria, you will need to redo the projects and resend the results. Starting with the third submission, a charge of £ 10 will be payable for each reassessing session.

 If you cannot attend a live session for any reason, this will be available for you to watch it recorded. You cannot miss more than one live session, so make sure you can attend the dates selected when you proceed with your booking. If something unpredicted will happen after booking the course, you will be able to transfer the booking for the following session after paying a £ 30 admin fee.

To join the live class, you will have to have access to any of the following apps: Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo.

 Here is a summary of all steps involved :

1. Pick your preferred dates and pay to secure your place.

2. Wait for your student kit ( PME tools, PME book, consumables needed for the course)to arrive.

UK students should receive the parcel within a week from the booking's date( free service). Students based in any other European country will have to pay for the delivery and time frame will depend on the type of delivery service chosen at the checkout. 

3. Access the links to join the group on the platforms mentioned above and get immediate access to instructions ( printable instructions and video & audio tutorials).

4. Join the live class on the dates & time specified in the booking, watch the live presentations, demonstrations, ask questions and interact with your instructor and colleagues. Start creating the projects during the live session and continue after to complete.

5. Send photos/ videos of your completed projects for evaluation to qualify for obtaining your PME professional diploma sugar flowers module.

6. Receive your PME professional diploma certificate through the post after completing the course.

 We can confidently say our intensive course is second to none, the best choice for those looking to learn the secret of beautiful piping.

 At the end of the course, you will keep your student kit, book, and most importantly, gain the KNOWLEDGE & CONFIDENCE, lots of tips and tricks to use in further successful projects.

 You can book your place online, then pay by card, PayPal or bank transfer. You can also pay over the counter in any Barclays branch using the following details( please use your name as a reference for the payment)

Students paying by bank transfer will receive a bonus 1 kg of white candy melt and the glucose needed to prepare a batch of modelling paste perfect for creating delicious chocolate roses. This will be sent out at the same time as your student kit.

For bank transfer, please use the following details :

UK students:

Academy of cake decorating Ltd, sort code 20 92 54, acc no 43429687, Barclays PLC

Students from any other European country:

Academy of cake decorating ltd

Company registered in England No 9799661

Barclays PLC Sort Code 20-92-54 Account No 43429687


IBAN GB51 BARC 2092 5443 4296 87



 BEGINNERS, who want to learn to the art of piping 

 INTERMEDIATE, who want to brush up their skills and reach the advanced level.