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Course description 

Get your carving skills to the next level during this amazing one-day advanced course! 

Learn how to create the structure of this amazingly cute rocking horse( unicorn) cake.

Ribana your instructor will guide you through the whole process. You will achieve amazing results using templates, measuring tools and her easy to follow clear instructions. 

Due to the complexity of the design this class is not suitable for beginners. Those enrolling will have to have previous training in figurine modelling/ cake carving.

The body will be built out of cake and the head out of in-class make rice Krispie 

Students will see a demo on how to create the structure all out of a cake but they will be shown how to make the Rice Krispies and create the head using this lightweight material for easy/ safe transport.  

All ingredients, consumables, equipment, tools and packaging needed for the course will be provided.

Refreshments will be available for free throughout the day ( tea, coffee, biscuits).

Lunch break starts at 12.30 for 30 min. Food is not provided, students will have to make their own arrangements. 

 At the end of the day, students will take home their creations, receive an e-booklet containing the templates and recipes of products made and used during the class.

 The class will be video and audio recorded and a link for 3 months of private access will be sent to the students for their very own use.

Access into the classroom will only be permitted 15 minutes prior to the starting time of the class.

For more details about the booking system please read our terms and conditions

Due to the complexity of the design this class is not suitable for beginners.