Terms & conditions





To continue supplying a top-quality tuition service and maintain the safety of our students and staff, we will maintain the changes we made in the way we run our classes.

 We will accept a maximum of 6 students per class, in order to maintain the recommended distance.

Disinfectants will be available for students to use throughout the class.

Also, we will ask & encourage students to wash their hands as often as possible.

We will do our best to create an enjoyable atmosphere in the class while sharing our knowledge and passion for cake baking & decorating.

 We strive to offer a second to none tuition service for more than 12 years and we will continue to make our courses worth attending that is a promise !

We  treat our students and their sensitive data seriously and we do not offer our courses through third parties. To make a booking you'll need to contact us directly through any of the methods mentioned below.

We are reachable: 

-24 h by email academyofcakedecorating@yahoo.com or through our Facebook page Academy of cake decorating

-during office hours 9.00 am to  5 pm ( Monday to Friday) on our mobile number  07909993200 

Unfortunately due to the large volume of scams( fake calls ) received during lockdown our landline number is not in use. 

We are unable to offer any refunds should you decide to cancel or are unable to attend the course.

The minimum number of attendees per class is 2 unless the tuition is private( one to one) if the minimum number is not achieved we will have to postpone the class for the next available date.

If students decide to reschedule the class we are happy to help as long as at least a 6 weeks notice is given.

If the notice is given within 4 weeks before the due date of the course a £20 admin charge applies.

No transfer/ refund will be offered if the following circumstances apply:
-a course booking is cancelled within 4 weeks of the course date (unless a waiting list for the course exists and the place can be re-sold at short notice);
-students are unable to attend a course due to travel problems caused by unfavourable weather or cancellations by travel operators;
-students require a VISA to enter the UK and are unable to obtain one.
Travel or accommodation expenses will not be compensated for should a course be cancelled or re-arranged for an alternative date.

Cancellation Insurance

We strongly advise that students arrange insurance to cover unforeseen events such as illness, unfavourable weather, or cancellation of a course for which travel and accommodation costs have been incurred.
Further information about the cancellations policy is available from our  booking team on +(44)1707257934
Snow & Adverse Weather Conditions
During the winter months, if snow or other adverse weather conditions have affected the method of transport needed to attend a booked course at our school and you are unable to be present, please note the following procedures:

Please notify the School Team, by phone, as far in advance as possible that you will not be able to attend (e.g. if you are snowed in, or if trains have been cancelled in advance, etc.)
If you are unable to attend a booked course due to the weather conditions, we will offer a transfer to another course for a £20 administration fee. This will apply ONLY if roads are blocked or trains and flights are cancelled.


Academy of cake decorating Ltd reserves the right to cancel or change a course. In these circumstances, we will normally arrange an alternative date and offer students either a transfer to this date or, if this date is not convenient an alternative course. If neither is possible refund will be offered.

You accept that you cannot make a claim for costs of other arrangements you may have made in order to attend a class whatever they may be. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes the costs of transportation, accommodation or anything else.

In the unlikely event that the advertised tutor is unable to teach the  class Academy of cake decorating reserves the right to substitute the advertised tutor with another appropriate tutor.


Academy of Cake Decorating