PME sugar flowers


Consumables for the PME intensive online fondant module 


-PME fondant or similar 1 kg( quantity will depend on how thick you roll the fondant and also what size board will be used)

-gum paste( flower paste) 1 kg

-edible colours( gels, pastes)

-vegetable fat( Crisco, Trex, etc) 200 g

-candy melts ( optional)



-floral tape

-floral wires ( gauges from 18-33) white / green

-corn flour to dry out the rolling surface

-rolling pin

-cling film

-single-use gloves for colouring


Extra tools and equipment for the suggested projects( optional)

 -cake boards ( for all three projects suggested: decorated board, tiered cake,  budget cake)

- three-round cakes, preferably size 4",6",8" all of the same depth 3-4" ( dummies) 

- one square 6" cake 3" deep (  dummy cake)

-cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops

-brushes for painting 



Equivalent metric size for cakes 

1" = 2.54cm

3" =7.5cm


4" =10cm

6" =16cm

8" =20cm

9" =23cm

12" =30cm