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Online course taught by Chef Ribana 


Join me for a complete course which will introduce you to the world of Chocolate.

I'll share with you all I've learned from my masters and all I found out while practising and demonstrating Chocolate over the last 12 years.

I will take you from A to D with my E-method. Once you learn the essentials, you can create the imaginable and get to Z.

As your guide, I am committed to helping you excel.

I would love to see you getting 10 times better than me!

Your becoming a success is the best thing that can happen to me!

🍫 Equip Yourself with Knowledge: Start with the basics, understand the essential equipment, and become familiar with the diverse types of chocolates and their unique characteristics.

🌟 Master the Art of Tempering: Learn the secret to achieving your chocolates' irresistible snap and glossy finish through proper tempering techniques.

🎨 Unleash Your Inner Artist: Dive into the world of chocolate painting and colouring, creating edible masterpieces that are as stunning as they are delicious.

🍬 Moulding Magic: Discover how to expertly mould and shape chocolate into decorations, mendiants, pralines, truffles, ganaches, and more.

👜 Chocolatier's Dream: Craft chocolate shoes, handbags, and even hollow figures, ranging from small to medium to large – endless possibilities!

🌟 12 Incredible Projects: Get ready to tackle 12 amazing chocolate projects, each designed to explore various modern aspects of working with chocolate.

🍬 Ongoing Support and Group Interaction: We're here with you every step of the way! Enjoy live streaming sessions and group interaction for a full 12 months, ensuring you have the support you need to become a true chocolatier extraordinaire.

🍫 Are you ready to create exquisite bonbons, indulge in decadent truffles, and astonish with your chocolate artistry? This course is your golden ticket to chocolate heaven!

👉 Secure your spot in "Chocolatier's Paradise" today at [Course Link] and prepare to embark on a chocolatey journey like no other. Don't miss out on this sweet deal – enrol now and be ready to amaze with your chocolate creations! 🍫👩‍🍳👨‍🍳


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