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Cheeky Monkey Cake class

A super fun novelty cake class!

The course will cover creating this amazing cheeky monkey cake from scratch. 

The class will start with a demo on how to build the gravity-defying structure, followed by the carving process.

Students will replicate the process, carving into a cake ready baked, filled and chilled, creating the monkey using the provided templates and the instructor's guidance.

While the carved cakes will rest in the fridge, preparing for covering and decorating, students will assist with a demo on making the eyes using isomalt, branch using chocolate compound and foliage using gum paste. Then, they will start making their own.

The cake will be covered and decorated, then packed for easy transport

All ingredients, consumables, equipment, tools and packaging needed for the course will be provided.

The class will break for a 30-minute lunch at midday. Food is not provided, so students will have to make their own arrangements

Refreshments will be available for free throughout the day ( tea, coffee, biscuits)

At the end of the day, students will take home their creations and receive an e-booklet containing the templates and recipes of products made and used during the class.

 This course requires a basic understanding of cake carving, so it is not recommended for beginners unless they are skilled in other crafts( eg piping, modelling)

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